Friday, September 19, 2008

Kitchen Disasters & a Few of my Favorite Things

Well, today was a blister. Let me just say to you that there's a reason they tell you to melt candlewax slowly on the stove & not quickly in the micro. ..Wax Explosion. Costs me about 45 minutes clean up time.Enough said.

Then there was the cookie adventure.I was trying to save time by putting 2 sheets on the oven rack with one only slightly overlapping the other. Big Mistake. I wasted 2 beautifully delicious dozen cookies...Burnt. And making those cookies really didnt help my love /hate relationship with the bathroom scale. I had gotten down close to my goal weight.

But now i will ignore the scale until it tells me it loves me again and is really sorry for misreading my weight.

I have been sad lately, too , as a client of mine was recently lifelined. But they are doing better now praise God. However, that fact changed my schedule around alot. Oh well, after i gripe a bit , i just roll with it. But i should not even be saying the word roll right now. I want one (yum) and i have one (bulge).So, i was off the last 2 nights painting, doing yoga, drinkin a beer on my front porch & taking long walks.Not bad.

And for my Everyday Adventure: I met my daughter today at an art bar. We had a wunderbar time. She brought me sugar babies and i gave her cookies. (for the record-- in spite of the fact that i prefer sugar daddies and professed to not be able to eat sugar babies, i still devoured 2 funsize boxes, then went home and mocked on my scale! Ha!) Anyhoo, what an awesome place...All locally grown, painted, sewn, glued, you name it. it was a true mecca of loveliness. and you get to use all their stuff for your own projects for only $5.oo /hour . Graciously frugal.

Ok, Guys, my FunFactor has to be running into the word "porpuse" on my study notes (available for purchase on line). It's just a typo but it makes me smile each time. Thinking of dolphins.And another funfactor: using my ipod shuffle whenever , wherever, for what ever! i had previously relegated it to Gym time only. But, cleaning, dancing with myself, walking the it!

And so now i bid you adeiu, and sweet dreams too!


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, "porpuse". I cringed everytime I saw that word. And I disagree, twas not a typo. Typo's are random mispellings, very easy to spot, and just as easy to overlook as we all make them. But, "porpuse", if you look, is ALL throughtout the notes, and very distracting I might add.


P.S. You really need to throw out that bathroom scale. He is not your friend. This obsession is really not healthy. Oh, and I say "he" because only a man could have been so evil as to create this evil thing that gains so much more attention from us women than it deserves. (As I shamefully admit that not only have I FINALLY purchased a bathroom scale, I mustv'e weighed myself 5 times in the 2 days I've owned it.

nirvana diva said...

haha! thats hilarious! Mr. Scale & I have had an ominious relationship from the start. But I always have high hopes! yeah, i know porpuse was in alllllll (chuckle) of the that really the technical definition for typo/ wow!I'm so not in touch with my dictionary side right now. anyway, it still gave me a giggle each time.In spite of my inner spelling diva! Thanks for posting!