Saturday, September 6, 2008

i'm getting really , really peeved!

I don't know why, but the stupid computer keeps putting the stops on my blog box area.we'll see how this goes. p.s. i apologize in advance for spelling errors ,etc. that i may be unable to fix if it happens before i review & edit again!

ok, let me move right into my Funfactors:yep! you saw that right...plural! first is the Cold Stone Creamery ice cream i had yesterday & can't stop thinking about. I chose "that's how i roll" and man-o-man was it the best concoction i have ever tasted!

i had stomache pains halfway through eating it & still refused to stop. had'em for about an hour after,too 'cause i was so STUFFED!i highly recommend it.

next....hurricane patterns look a bit like red & yellow lima beans on a sea of blue, with beautiful green pastures off to the side. So i'm thinking i'm going to find a few recent ones to print out and paint in a series.

It will help me remember why we just recently paid a premium for gas in anticipation only of louisianna getting hit again. (do we now get a rebate since the actual drilling feilds were'nt affected?-HA!)

I might also add that the Metamucil thing has'nt helped me lose any weight. but on the other hand, i havent gained any and i am becoming regular!

I noticed the other night in my perusing around the web on various blogs,etc. that it seems like most all the popular blogs have a catchy "how to" title or a list of things. Does this mean that in order to attract someone to your blog, the writer is stuck with coming up with a crap load of self help titles and lists ?


I politely decline.

Actually, someday, i may again post a list. but i am sure it probably won't be attractive or helpful to most people. Like my pet peeve list.

Something good happened to me over the weekend. Someone i complained to about my gaining weight said to me" Good. maybe you'll get some curves on ya'"--Awesome. i don't feel too badly about all those cook outs now. And also, a girl (YES! a girl!) actually asked me at the gym if i competed (in fitness or bodybuilding) . wow! i was so darned flattered i nearly asked her if i could donate an organ to her or anything!you know, girls almost never talk to me , especially at the gym.
speakin of which...

i cannot wait to get my old yoga teacher back. she's on vacation & we had this other teacher and i was'nt real happy with her. too much talking, not enough flow.I am really hating this blog window right now...its making me do this....list thing...ughhhh!ok fixed it again. anyone know a blogger-fixxer?

I think my next post will be addressing one of those things on my pet peeve list. so get ready.Until then let me exit with a most wonderful quote by Marcel Proust...

"Pain is the most heeded of doctors: to goodness and wisdom we only make promises; we obey pain"


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