Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm Baaaaack....

Today's FunFactor:Taking a long hot soak in the tub after a few day of camping. Nothing compares when you feel dirty , tired and damp from "roughing it". Todays non- Funfactor- realizing that my own mother doesnt even check this blog to find out where her daughter is, what's up with her grandchildren & basically to keep up with the current events in my life.Hiss! Boo!Her logic is that she doesnt know how to use blogs(lol) and she would rather get a personal phone call.(man...i really do try mom) anyway-vent, vent, vent....and now, done.
So, as you may recall i was away camping this weekend about 3 1/2 hours from home.The weather was on the wet side and we anticipated the worst. But we were able to set up camp and still go biking and rafting the next day.The last day, however, it poured and we had to nix the hiking trip.
On the bright side, i feel exhilerated that we were able to navigate class iii -iv waters in our 2 man craft with no guide in with us. There was one rapids everyone had to have a guide to get through, but it took only a minute .but i think we could 've handled it alone. next time, it's a kayak!!!no fear!!And, i lost 3 lbs!
Since we decided to head to a few local taverns Sat. night , we didnt get in til 3 a.m.(what a unique breed of locals!) and the next morning ,after dismantling, the trip home wiped me out. i napped before work so i have had no other adventures to tell about.i'll share a pic of our Adventure Extraordinaire later, for some reason it wont load right now. byes!

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