Monday, September 8, 2008

Unlucky Duckies

I will start out with an Everyday Adventure!-today my husband & i took another jaunt out to the local duck lake on the motorbike. We took the picnic, but forgot the duck back it goes into the freezer for next year since this will most likely be our last visit of the season.Not seeing much in the way of beautiful colored fall foliage, but am definitely looking forward to veiwing & collecting leaves. I know, how boring , right?But it's not just a getting-older thing! i've been doing this since i was a teen- a rowdy, partying, hippie teen.

a-hem. enough for memory lane.

My friend & i have definitely decided to go camping. We are in the process of planning the initial "tent-raising" together on Friday.....just to see if us two "old folks" can do get the thing up all by ourselves and how long it will take. Plus , for some reason, my friend wants to know all manner of measurements for things like how big the tent is rolled up, and how high the cots sit up off the ground. I am not sure why.

It sounds like it will be a great & wonderful weekend with a nice 9 mile bike ride followed by a class iii-iv white water rafting excursion on one day and either rock climbing, hiking or horseback riding another should be a less-is-more,back to nature trip too if i can keep him from bringing the kitchen sink!

And i keep trying to instill planetary responsibility on the guy( no plastic utensils/throw paper plates into fire not trash) and some simple frugality(we don't REALLY need to tour the local architects homes).He did ,however, prepare a wonderful menu-Kudos, friend!

In light of all this i do need to get back to the true purpose of this blog. So here is an upgrade on things i want less of......

1.self-destructive behavior patterns
2.talking waaaay too much
3.My attachment to mirrors( i am like a MOTH)
4. lemon and lime dum dums

...and some things i want more of....

1. Happy, smiling people
2. solitary walks
3.wind on my face & in my hair( except when i have lip gloss on)

I will be working on some of these as fall & winter approach. I love being outdoors in the fall, and i hope that when i vacation in november at the beach, i get a better feel for how the foliage will be during that time.

ok boys & girls, time for todays' FunFactor:wonder what i did this weekend? i bet! i got a bit tipsy and spent my evening alone at home dancing around , all dressed up for no reason in my own living room listening to Nina Simone...ahhh. What a voice! Add in some homemade instruments from the kitchen drawers and you have yourself a groovy scene!


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