Tuesday, September 16, 2008


After spending about the last 3 hours trying to find some inspiration for a decent blog topic tonight, i must confess i am at a loss.

I could tell you about the wonderful tent-rolling experience with a friend this afternoon.

Or my newest low calorie tasty discovery( steamed veggies covered with hummus...mmmm.)

Or i could just give you this linkhttp://nadinefawell.wordpress.com/2008/09/08/hilarious/
to make you laugh.....

ok , well, i guess i already did all of the above!

Mostly i wish i could show you the moon from my front porch tonight in all it's full majesty, but alas , i cannot get my digital camera to work on nightime moon shots.And i dont mean the ones from my boudior! the last one i attempted was a HUGE full moon over the ocean...they all turn out like tiny dots & nothing else.

i have been spending some time lately looking at boats. my husband and i are considering purchasing a pontoon boat sometime in the future , if thats the direction life takes us. These are really wonderful crafts as you can lounge in or out of the sun, picnic or just get drunk on them, sleep or motor around. i watched fireworks from the river on one . It was awesome!

My oppinion is that this also falls under the "if we sell the house " clause. But , of course, my hubby thinks otherwise. For now, we just dream & window shop.

In about one and a half weeks my friend & i will be embarking on our camping weekend. Tonight i want to mention the trips i have gone on with this friend.We have gone to Florida (disney),Nags Head NC, New York City, another whiterafting trip up state,St Micheals, MD...Stowe VT...and i think thats it. We are planning some more stuff in the future,which i hope will also include some overseas trips.A great travel companion is a rare thing...and appreciated.

I realize from time to time how many lovely experiences i've actually had so far in my time. fireworks from many places (the air, carnivals, mountains, the river) ...speeding at 100 miles per hour on a motorcycle,swimming in lakes at night,moonbathing on a rooftop.... not to mention all the daredevil stuff(bungee jumping, whitewater canoeing, parasailing,rockclimbing,etc) and other places i've been (the carribean, the bahamas, Key West, colorado, ohio, The outer banks many times,etc)So many experiences! I sure have been blessed. Yes, a charmed life indeed.

But i've also experienced the bad...an armed robbery, domestice violence, rape...this list goes on & gets way too personal.

But on reflection my life has been mainly rich, and full, and interesting and abundant.And it keeps getting more so.

So if i could show you the full moon shining down on me tonight strictly vicariously , it would be
the reflection of all of these jewels.And a small quiet smile on my face.... Peace

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secrets said...

Absolutely beautiful! Best blog to date. Maybe having less to talk about is more.