Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Groundhog Heaven

I am officially going to start a new segment of my blog as planned early on. I had to wrap my head a round the thing because for a long time now i guess i kept it all to myself. Nothing secret really, just a bit of selfishness....

EveryDay Adventures:I believe deep down that everyday is an adventure. All you have to do is look at things a bit different or actually find the adventure of it. When i was at the beach this summer, it seemed that everything was new and exciting, from the sunrises & sunsets, the beach finds(shells & dead sea critters), the people around me and the activities i witnessed or participated in. The simplest of things like the early morning beach walk yeilded so much to me that i could'nt wait to write about it & then go out the next morning!I saw things like kites and flowers in a whole new light. Boy! was i depressed when i had to leave.

But what i realized over the next week is that i had the same things at home! Out of my sons window, every single day is a gorgeous sunset.Some are even better than at the shore. And when i waljk my dog , i find just as many treasures on the road (cool shaped acorns, beautiful leaves, etc) as i did on the beach. And getting out of my comfort zone by doing something really off the wall(like going to the park -all by my self, and without planning it) gives me the same rush as my first time parasailing!

So, some days i will include a funfactor & other days i'll give my everyday adventure. Hopefully, i'll inspire some one else to try new things. Life is not all bad. Even Psalm 23 says ".....walk through the valley of the shadow of death" not the valley of Death.So there's no need for any one of us to walk around like zombie's , just going through the motions. Get a funfactor daily, or have an could change your life!

And now to the title of this a feild near my house today, right behind a huge grocery store /strip mall there is an entire community of groundhogs!! There are 2 roads on the other sides of this area which makes it a truly unexpected site. As i drove by today i watched at least 20 or more of these whimsical creatures rolling about just sunning themselves and enjoying the day , as if there werent a dozen or so cars within a few yards.A lesson in "dont worry , be happy" for sure!I thought this was an example of a great adventure( my own little safari!)

And i do even have a FunFactor for today: Paints and canvases bought a few days ago. now awaiting a blanket of color, this time from a combination of water color and acrylics. The picture in the next post is the only painting i have done specifically for someone and the only one i've ever given as a gift.

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