Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Feelin' Bloggy

wow. i just spent 4 hours doing absolutely nothing constructive. i surfed the net, perusing BLOGS .Granted, i did come across some really great ones, but geesh!I didnt study or read or watch a movie or anything.I have to share this really, really, really funny linkhttp://icanhascheezburger.com/.oh, please check it out. i just about peed myself.

i did eat.apples, pretzels, dum-dums. the usual. My butt is getting bigger, so , i guess that's, like, an accomplishment.
Speaking of butts... tonight i went tanning, then to the gym to lift, then to yoga(my usual routine).Although this has been working well for me, i am thinking of changing it up a bit. Mostly because i keep running into someone i shouldnt and it's getting quite annoying.Anyway, i think i'd like to check out a regular Yoga studio. There's a few around, but i've been putting it off because of the expense. However, i may reconsider that in light of the recent events. And besides, i do believe it would be wonderful to have a teacher that actually corrects your postures, a room not filled with mirrors with a window where everyone can see in, and no one yelling out instructions constantly.

Also, i am in the process of upgrading my blogsite. please tell me if you start having any problems accessing it.After browsing other blogs, i've become quite envious . MUST find out their secrets.Need new background designs.And sooo many other things. I have been green and uneducated. How embarrassing. Did you know i'm not even the funniest person out there? Unbelievable , right? Had you all fooled with my sly and cunning way with words, didnt i?

On another note, i am excited this week! i have plans. oh,yes.I have plans.Starting with a glorious motorcycle ride tomorrow on a FAST bike (for a change). Weds. will be back to tan/gym/yoga . Then i am going to find something fun to do Thurs.(even if it kills me) and Fri.(joy!) i leave for camping! Yeah!what a promise of great adventure!I will post about that for sure!!

But for now, i must get back to this important task. So , adios!

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