Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Einstein's Error

here is the lastest canvas in my new series designed to go with one of my previous style paintings .it's not finished yet and this is just a portion of it. I am getting back in touch with my creative side and i thought this would be a perfect fit.

Let me just state that this will be the third time i have written this blog tonight.divine intervention is having it's way with me and i am completely flustered . so i am rushing to finish & publish.gooooosefraaabaaa.....(watch "Anger Management" if this doesnt make sense to you)

last night i ran across an interesting read about how a recently discovered natural nuclear reactor(the Oklo reactor in Africa) has forced scientists to recalibrate the speed of light. HA! just one more reason i am glad i did'nt waste time in a boring Physics class in high school.I scoff at Algebra. I laugh at Newton's law. I mean, i know gravity exists. But why should we force generations of children to do crazy equations that equal nothing but an waste of an educational salary. Almost all intangibles have "theories". And this is fine. But I think when educators try to push these on kids as "fact" we need to seriously question them. After all, look at Pluto. And how bout all those kids who wasted time learning how the earth was flat? I cant wait til they throw out that whole pie(3.14) bunk. E=Mc Squared? I think not!

I also learned where the name ADIDAS came from! it's the first 3 letters of the designers first & last name. Adi Dassler. Hmmm... who knew. Gosh i love trivia. i own almost every version of trivial pursuit. Anyone game?

Next..i have decided to also reinvest some time in another previous pleasure. meditation. i am not talking about an hour a day . i figure maybe 5 minutes or so oughtta charge up my Yoga play and benefit my spiritual practice.And i don't even have to put make-up on to do it.

Since i am having so much fun with my art lately i cant think of a funfactor for ya. I welcome any suggestions.Guess this is what they call a brain fart.

oh well, back to reading about the joys of coleslaw!


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