Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Clever Endeavor

Lately, i've been striving to come up with clever ways to have less in spite of my hubbys prediposition to "keep up with the Joneses".And in spite of myself, for , alas , I have been re-trained without my conscious consent over the past few years to consume, consume,consume.
(Not just food.)
I tried the whole thing with using less electric. i turned off three small refridgerators running in our home. I turned the thermostat from 70 up to 75 for the summer then up to 78 even. i stopped using my dishwasher except when i hosted a dinner or party. i ran my bath water only halfway full.I stopped using my outside lights.And ,YET, according to Met-Ed, i used the same amount of electric after 2 months of this and therefore my bill was still 153.00.
Unbelievable, and , no point in arguing with them either. so as of this week i plugged back in the fridge in our room (to hold bottled water- yeah, still trying to work that one out-but i am back to drinking 80% more h20)and i started using my dishwasher again(although i still feel guilty about it). Overall, these 2 things have increased my happiness quotient at least ten-fold. i still hold to the other things just on principle though.
Back to the original thought.Since i have found that my name changes to a bad word at my house when i insist that everyone try to be more frugal and environmentally responsible.i have had to just accept that i must "be the change"and not keep beating a dead horse with my family. So here's some of the other things i have done:
1.Cut my use of Mary Kay cosmetics back by half. I only use their foundation, a moisturizer and an eye cream(not the whole skin care system or any other make-up)
2.i am trying to re-use my water bottles one time. i have read that doing it more than that is cultivating bacteria. Yuck.
3. I have moved the papertowel holder to a less visible location.
4.i try to find low cost things to do around my home instead of driving somewhere .For myself that means cooking, baking, painting, cleaning, reading, yoga or doing crosswords. Occasionally i have set out jigsaw puzzles for the family to do as they will . This is always a big hit. Everyone tries to contribute.
Unforunately , our cats want to help also. This usually brings things to a screeching halt.
5.I blog. This saves everyone from having to listen to me vent. also, it's another form of free entertainment.
6. I continue with menu planning, coupon cutting,watering down my expensive hair conditioner(with distilled water only- this increases use by 2/3!!), and making due with a lot of things i already have.
What more can a diva do?I ask you?
I am still proud of the fact that i do not watch tv, hate noise pollution(loud music all the time),that70- 80% of my diet is veggies & fruits,and i almost never eat out. I don't even really enjoy soda.I teach my family aboutexerise, healthy eating,not littering, loving animals, and not wasting. I teach frugality.
I am NOT a die hard"green" person, or a PETA member, nor do i attend marches for causes. I simply try to live with intent.I compromise- like combining some trips, not all. And I no longer feel pressured to leave the house before work for small tasks or shopping. I just do it later when it makes sense.
Yes,I still buy expensive, unnecessary items. But i do try. And thats all i can do.
Todays Everyday Adventure: The motorcycle ride was fabulous! I got to don my new smelling leather Bike jacket and rove the mountainside while watching a gorgeous sunset peek in & out of sight throughout our travels. Wind in my braids, fresh air and fragrant inhalations. ahhh.....If you've hardly ever been on a motor bike, why not now? it's more popular now than ever with the gas crunch, and an incredible experience everytime.Funfactor?Eating dinner from a carved
out half melon and a home-made bread bowl. Making a bread bowl is a little like creating pottery,it can be simple or complex.Soon i will be baking pies and have great plans for top crust designs............cheerio!

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