Saturday, September 20, 2008

Boating Bliss?

To the right is my newest canvas in progress.lots to go on this one.

i am finally ready to post now that i have a hot delicious bowl of soup halfway down & also warming my hands!i just picked up a new recipe magazine today and am excited to browse for soup recipes when i'm finished.oh. i also have a People magazine. i know. it's just a hard habit to break!

so, tonight i want to cover several subjects. first ,a shout out to all of you (2) who comment. makes me feel worthwhile . Although i will probably never try to blog for a living , at least i know that someone, somewhere, out there at least checks to see if i am still alive once in a while (smile).

Tonight, my husband and i had an Everyday Adventure window shopping for boats. We went to a Yamaha dealer and had a grand old time embarking on imaginary journeys in our own craft. The salesman was a hoot.He was either a truly self-made wealthy man or a truly good yarn-spinner . Either way, i was entranced.I guess i am easily deluded!the boat i liked the best was 40,000. 00 which could be financed out to 144 months at about 300/mo. plus taxes, etc.( it could actually go out to 180 months-15 years-Gasp!).I still have not slept so am in the thralls of love with this boat. Hopefully tomorrow i will regain control of my senses. But , for now, i will allow my daydream to persist , thank you very much.In keeping with the blogs purpose, though, i have still thought about what it is that is driving me towards having a boat. I have decided that in this case, it really really isnt about how it 'looks' to own one,but about how it would be to have one-the adventure of it all.i LOVE being on the water, sunning, lounging, watching the waves. For my husband- it's about status. as usual.

Some adventures i am going to be having soon are with my mom . We are going to a musical in a few weeks, then spending an afternoon in a statepark with the fall foliage, and in November we are going to see Disney on ice. My daughter will join us for that one.In between that is my second beach vacation this year. I am so excited!Love culture! Love travel!Love good company!

On another note.My quick review of 2 movies. The "Love Guru". Very mike myers, expected comedy...similar to austin powers.Lots of farting. And "Speed Racer" -great kids movie, technicolor glamouricious(made up word). Maybe it was meant for the kids just now growing out of the "cars" movie.Not great for adults, though.

And,FunFactor ,today ,i must now confess , i did indeed stop by Cold Stone Creamery for another "That's how i Roll "---only a small one. Now (sigh) i gotta look up the calorie count.P.S. it was as good as the last one!

I was reading another of my favorite blogs tonight . In the midst of all that i have written over the past two months, one thing still resonates within me...My desire for authenticity. The blogger covered this with great zeal and was very helpful. i hope to expand upon this as i go. But the gist of it was that one should never strive for popularity, even when hit with criticism. Authenticity should be your highest aim.That means not what you own, what degrees you have, or who you know. But freedom- meaning how much you control your time and own your own mind. for thought.

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