Sunday, September 21, 2008

13 things to add to your life-maybe!

In the spirit of setting things on a more positive spin, i've decided to write a tad about the things that have increased and decreased my happiness this past year.May be some ideas for you guys here.
On the upside:
1.every month i have a coffee date with a friend. it has added much needed girl-talk time to my life(except that my friend is gay so, technically not a girl)
2.Giving up control of the bills & finances-difficult at first, but i'm glad i did. Not only for previously mentioned reasons, but also because i have seen a better man in my husband ,a more responsible one. and i have realized another facet of his love for me.
3.taking up yoga--it is the cornerstone of my week. although i keep saying i want to make it daily, i find that 2 days a week is o.k. for now in addition to my weight lifting.Dont want to keep that old crazy lady schedule anymore.
4.more short trips- these are more like adventures--trips to the park or duck pond, weekend trips, or just daytrips
5. spontaneous visits, picnics and other outings(like window shopping).
6.late night talks with a colleague of mine---great for having someone to backboard ideas off of as well as gain encouragement in succeeding with nursing tests,etc.And she's a cool friend ,too.
7.short periods of time without wearing make-up or styling my hair- fairly short, usually, but there was a run of about 4 weeks back in march after the vermont trip---i just felt so "hippie".
8.painting again! at last!
9.blogging- a self-help tool and a way to keep in touch.
10.reading a different version of the bible. I'm into the new living translation now.
11.projects- home decorating is finally becoming a reality. those around me think i'm nuts. but i insist that i must be creative and let my imagination run with it in this area. rather harmless rebellion i do think.
12. daily funfactors. let me really explain these. These are really just everyday things that give me a source of amusement. they might work for you. they might not. but i encourage you to find your own-and SHARE!
13.Finally(although many more to come i hope)-living everyday outside of my comfort zone-a lot or a little.

i've also noticed a few things that have decreased my happiness:
1. switching away from bottled water. my whole family drinks about 90% less water since the switch. which means we are less healthy. so, at present, in spite of provided plastic water bottles, i am torn. i hate killing the environment with all the bottles and i hate wasting 25.00 a month on 2-3 cases of any suggestions?
2.trying to save $ by handwashing dishes. we saved NOTHING. and it's a p.i.t.a.
3.more $ going out the window on cell phone service, internet and car payments. bathroom scale and continued obsession with diet. darn it! i eat lots of veggies & fruits & healthy stuff! i cant help that i also like junk!

So there you have it. Sorry if i've bored you. try an old post- maybe more to your liking.for me- a quick reference of all that is...Namaste!


Anonymous said...

About the water issue......we use a water pitcher with a brita filter. And don't buy much of anything else to drink so we pretty much only drink water.

Works nicely, the only pain is when someone lets only about a 1/2 cup of H2O and doesn't refill the pitcher........but I've been working on training my hubby in this area with some improvement.

We do buy a case of H2O but these are only for outings where we will be gone for awhile and I do use them for work. But I use them for about a month (handwash every day, only takes a sec) then dispose and replace to make them last longer. A case will last us about 3 months. It works for us....Saves money and the environment while allowing us the convenience of using them when we need to.


nirvana diva said...

i thank you for the suggestions.i used to have a brita filter pitcher. now our fridge gives us filtered water,so i dont really need one. but in spite of the availability & ease of freshly filtered water even after 2 months to get used to the idea, no one has been inspired. i actually had my hubby go get 3 cases tonight until i figure out what else i can try. he wont stand for not having milk around.and possibly soda but i dont encourage that at all. but what happens with my family is they purchase outside the home when water isnt in the bottle. i think if i could just find a reusable type with the same mouthpeice shape that might work.