Saturday, August 16, 2008

Too simple (this ones kinda girly)

Todays Funfactor:making some guys look like weaklings at the gym. I love it when i see a guy(especially a big one) pumping weights and then i go over & grab the same weight he just put down(huffin & puffing) and pump out a few reps myself ...with relative ease.I usually get "the look".

to other matters....

If you could see my house , you would see that i am definitely not afraid of color. My walls are painted with brilliant contrasting hues such as red, yellow, sage green, purple(3 different purples!)aqua , lime can get the picture. some of it is because i like to paint canvas with those colors and some of my choices are because i delight in not having to be tame -with only neutral tones or pastels like most of the homes i've been into.i * am* a * WILD* animal.

But recently i have been blessed with the enilightenment that one of the things i truly use to enjoy that went to the wayside was decorating projects.The way it happened was this: years ago , when i began attending school , i was so swamped with crazy hours of studying that i knew i had to simplify my environment . i needed to make a transition from knick knaks and linens to streamlined and easy to clean in a hurry. Hence, i began to pare it all down to only three items per surface("the rule of three") .

Over the next several years , as i began working more & more hours & the decided to pursue another degree(more studying) this still worked for me. Then we aquired a kitten.

Now, i am allergic to cats. Have been since i was bout 14. But my husband wanted one. Then suddenly we had two. In order to make THAT work (in addition to a boatload of allergy meds), i had to pull up carpet and remove curtains(replaced with mini blinds).So basically i had an easy to clean, simple, modern look.

In our new house i was excited to add all the colors, but i have not done any REAL decorating the way i used to.Can you see how life bogs us down?Then we forget that we actually had pleasures at one time....before all the chaos.See, there is such a thing as making something too simple.So now i need a project. And i will have one.


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