Thursday, August 21, 2008

Preconceived Notions

Today has been very i thought i'd start with this pic of a beautiful historic home located in a close by park where there is a large duck pond as well.I go there once a year with my husband and we take a bunch bread we've kept frozen for them all year.
Todays Funfactor:the only fun thing i did today was chat with some people i just met at the gym .But if i was to have done something fun, it would have involved either food or crayons.
I'm on a diet this week of very healthy vegs & fruits with a smattering of chicken & cashews( i know this sounds stir-fryish but it's been separate.)So for fun, you could try getting to know someone new. P.s. they are all new, until you meet them.
Anyway, my day began when i was inexplicably awake after only 4 hours of sleep. this has been happening alot this past month.I was still in a pretty good way until my husband says my sons car needs$1800 for inspection, and a total of $3,000 to make it safe. the car was taken to 2 places which offered a $700 trade-in. so i guess we gotta do something. the strangest thing was that since i delegated the finances over (and got rid of some other stressors this year), i've beheld a wonderful sense of calm about myself. And i didnt react hardly at all when this news arrived.
I still feel at peace, but it only takes a mention of the above problem to get my heart rate up. i never used to notice anything like that. it was just a normal part of my just goes to proove how very damaging our preconceived notion of an actual problem changes our bodily functions. i said preconceived.
Think about that.
If there was no past experience with any hardships or pain or suffering, we would not react. it would merely be a statement of fact. no different than any other data we receive " the floor is green" or "there are birds chirping". From my very first post i mentioned that it is the emotions we attach to stuff that make us react.
Choosing to receive info. as an original thought or experience totally changes the perspective. I think i am finally on the path back to enlightenment. i mean, i knew this once upon a time.
In the photo above, what is your first reaction, not having seen it until now? It is different from mine. First because we are different people, but also because my experience there says to me" ahhh, remember how loving and calm you felt at that moment, taking in all the beauty around you, feeding the flock of ducks? And remember how it was so great to take the motorcycle ride in the warm sun to get there?...wind in your hair?"....etc, etc.This is how detachment from stuff begins. Separating from the ego.The first baby steps to a simpler ,clearer mind
followed by a simpler outlook on life.......Namaste.

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