Monday, August 11, 2008

To camp or not to camp

If I had posted yesterday i would have written (with a bit of "wanting less" pride) that my friend and i had economically decided to forego an expensive Autumn trip to Stowe,VT and go camping within our home state instead.We had been to Vermont earlier this year for the last ski week of the season.(i don't ski, i just tagged along for some R & R). And i had the whole post figured out. That i could, at last, in good conscience , say i had taken another step in my quest.

Which reminds me....

Todays' Fun Factor: going 5 miles under the speeed limit on the highway and lazily counting the cars that pass me. What a great game! i think i can beat my record everytime....and save gas!

Tonight ,however, after another conversation about our trip, i am unsure it would be as simple as i had envisioned. My friend had initiated the idea and so i somehow got the idea that he had a tad more experience than it turns out.And (lol!) the only camp gear he has is a flashlight. While i am not the worlds expert on camping by any means, i have gone on several 5 day canoe trips in very primitive, remote areas over the past 6 years. So i have gear. What was kinda funny is that one night he asks if i have a lantern(HA! does anyone use THEM inside of tents anymore?), another night he asks what i am going to sleep on, and then another night if i have a tent. Tonight we were going over the list and i realized(!) that he had no gear. I am also providing a bike rack and ,yes, i think he has his own bike. He also suggested a campers shed w/ electricity & water for a mere $20 more per night.Groan!

Got me to thinkin' it did. I really relish the idea of saving some $ by not having to pay for a hotel and drive lots more hours and paying for dinners out, etc. But i have to say, as much as i love my dear, dear friend....i had to tell him i really dont wish to be the only one who's prepared, and the one to do all the planning and have all the equipment,etc....i mean, i am trying to DE -stress, right? so...will we or wont we? Stay tuned.....


Anonymous said...

Did you ever think that maybe you are being a little bit too hard on your friend. I mean after all, you referred to your friend as a "he". Given the male species, maybe you should make an allowance for him, being he is of the lesser sex.

But sometimes, the lesser sex can surprise you! Maybe he'll just end up planning everything, so you don't have any worries. And he'll be absolutely wonderful and bring all the necessary essentials, and maybe he'll cook for you and do everything else so that you can live the life of a princess while camping.

Sometimes you have to make allowances for men and realize that if play your cards correctly, they'll end pampering you. All it takes are the right words to say.....such as on a blog!


Anonymous said...

I hope this post takes. If your friend ever reads your blog about camping, I'm sure he'll take the hint Blogs can work wonders to this effect.