Thursday, August 7, 2008

there WILL be a plan....

I figure I can go about making this blog as interesting or as boring as I like(since it's mine!) and one thing I have decided is that I will put more effort into content and feeling than into spelling, proper writing techniques, links, and stuff like my own poetry. While all of those things have merit, I just do not want to expend energy or too much thought on these things .... I do love looking at other blogs, but i usually skip the poetry and links to stuff to buy.It just adds to my problems.You know, the consumerism thing and other complications that take up space in life.I will be adding daily things a "FunFactor" (things that make my day a little more fun) and maybe a Life Lesson here & there....but certainly no junk...

Speaking of,a friend of mine today thought that by "junk" i meant physical junk (in my last post). While that may be "junk"(yes, all those coffee makers taking up space in my basement) most of the junk I mean is the emotional /financial / spiritual junk .It's the feelings we attach to the material things in our lives. And the way those feelings change over time. For instance, before I buy something I usually really want it. I think about how great I will feel if, say, I had that new warmer drawer for my kitchen. .."Oh how wonderful it will be to keep all manner of dinner's warm & toasty.... before serving them up to the adoring and amazed family and friends..... who will now think I am just the greatest chef that ever lived. And how they will just envy me because I have the latest gadget and....well you get the idea. My mind makes up this dialogue and along with it comes the "feelings". Let's just label them shall we. They are superiority, egoism, and self-rightiousness.The feeling that if I have this "thing" I will somehow be better, life will be better.
A -hem , but we know better becaaaauuuuse....If in fact I do get whatever it is I wanted, I feel great for about a day or two or even a time or two where I get to show it off , but then after that usually I don't even think about it. Nope . Time goes by and it just becomes an ordinary part of my world. And I am already thinking about something else that would make me a better being. Or make my life better or easier. Or make me look great.
Well, that's the type of junk I mean. It's what they call "baggage" .And I mean to start working on it's destruction.The first step is admitting there's a problem, right? Peace!

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