Friday, August 29, 2008

Still Wanting

I am a very impatient person.

Let me re-phrase that.

I am a very, very impatient person.

Case in point. Shopping for our block party tonight, i knew i had a limited amount of time to get to all the places we needed to go to get most of the stuff for the party.

We ran late for virtually everything. i had to constantly bark orders in order to keep us focused & moving along. by the time we got home , we were both at wits end, dragging in items in a hurry, putting away stuff and setting things in order for the following day.(which will bring its own misery).My husband was setting up the garage and moved a table with stuff on it breaking a dish i loved and had just spent 10 minutes filling with plasticware in a pretty pattern.

I lost it & we got into a huge argument.My impatience was rearing its ugly head all night long.It actually made things more difficult in the end.I got accused, as usual, of complaining about everything and b*tching all the time.What is a woman to do?

In hindsight, i guess if i had been the calm ,cool, hippy chick i aspire to be, maybe all would have fallen into place without much of a hitch.But maybe not. I swear, sometimes i notice the softer i am on everybody, the worse they act towards me(the proverbial DOORMAT theory).

I pray & pray for patience ,but i just seem to get worse. i need some suggestions.

And, no, i am not going to start smoking pot!!

Todays FunFactor:researching diversionary tactics to keep me from becoming one of those people on the milk of the neat things i found is called letterboxing. seriously, look it up. cool pirates treasure!oh, and skittles really are a good distraction, too.



secrets said...

So lets get this straight. He breaks the dish, you yell, later feel guilty and you end up taking the blame for the whole argument because you were not calm during the whole adventure. Meaning the reverse psychology of explaining that you always bitch seems to work and you end up the bad guy. I'll have to file that away for future reference and use.


secrets said...

To me patience is a quality that can be developed.

I think not being patient is a quality that develops because something is not being done according to our standards or what is being done presents some type of discomfort for us.

If we view others as trying their best, or maybe realizing they do not have the same sense of urgency about something as we do, then maybe patience will be developed. To not be patient only increases our stress levels. One must realize that in time, everything will be done according to how it needs to be done, maybe just not as fast nor according to the standards that we set. Does that mean we should accept the substandard product? By no means! But we can correct that by kindly showing the other person how we would like the task accomplished.

nirvana diva said...

ok, secrets....but remember, i now know that you have filed this away, so it may not have as much effect on! newly discovered secret super powers, have i!
secondly, thanks for your advice on patience. i keep trying. as Winston Churchill said "Never, never, never give up!"Always loved that quote.