Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Drugs & the Government

Sick to death of studying tonight, i have decided to take a break & share.On my mind at this hour due to some recent discussions with freinds & colleagues about marijuana is the philosophy so often discussed concerning just how much our governement should be allowed to regulate in our lives. The recent discussions came about on approximately the same day,totally out of the blue. One because medical uses of schedule I drugs was on the table and the other was because a long lost friend of a friend(age 62) had gotten busted for having a few pot plants for his own use on his property. He was charged partially for "intent to distribute"!Unbelievable.The poor old dude had prostate cancer or some such thing.

Now, before i go off on any tangents, i want it to be known that i do NOT smoke pot or engage in any illegal drug use, nor do i condone the use of marijuana for minors, just as i don't condone cigarette smoking or alcohol use for minors either(however, i must say i was no innocent in my youth).oh...

FunFactor:CLOUD WATCHING!!!All those neat and ever changing shapes.......

But there's some interesting info out there. I did not know,for instance, that some states have legalized medical marijuana. It was an eye-opener as to how each state had it own regulations ,etc. despite the Federal law stating schedule I drugs are illegal to sell . My colleague noted that it seems to be that state law trumps federal.True in some cases.Think prostitution --legal in an area of Nevada, but no where else(to my knowledge) and highly regulated.

Wondering what this has to do with wanting less. I'll tell you. A few years back i was'nt very happy with my weight. Tried everything.Then a friend told me about a diet pill that worked for her. She then stated that while it was legal as a prescription in the U.S.that she was only able to get it online from Canada because girls our size (not morbidly obese, just a tad chunky) were not within the guidelines.Online , you answered a few questions , were issued a prescription and they sent the pills. I received mine without problems and they worked wonders...getting me over a plateau. A year later i had gained back some weight(my own fault) and again went online. I hadnt received the pills after 2 months and then BAM! i got a letter of warning from Border Patrol that i could be arrested for getting drugs outside of the country . after panicking and quickly signing a paper allowing the government to seize my items(despite having paid for them) i was just P.O.'d. How dare the governement tell me where i can buy my diet pills from. Funny thing is, now you can buy the same pill at any Walmart.

I want less Government control over stupid things like THAT!That's my wanting less story for today.

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Secret Again said...

During the recent primary election cycle, there was a congressman from Texas named Ron Paul. He was right up your alley when it comes to thoughts such as government interference in our lives. Do a google search and learn about his political leanings. You both may have a lot in common.