Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pet Peeves

OK...i have decided to begin a list of things on every couple blogs or so. This is because i realize i have issues to work out and i need a goal in black& white to give me some perspective and some introspection(hope thats a word).I will be writing about: Pet Peeves, What i have given up, What i want to give up & Why, What i value,My insecurities, and What i want more of.

Today's FunFactor:I am going to church this morning. I really love the issues our pastor talks about and i DO listen. But i get so distracted by all these women who feel the need to dress like this is the only time they get to dress up. It is hilarious to watch the"pious ones" strut around in their just-so dresses , with all manner of accessories, purses from Paris Hiltons collection,fake nails, and even worse- their kids who have matching outfits.So i sit there at times & try to mentally add up the costs of these trouseau treasures.I wonder if they put anywhere near that in for tithes & offerings.

Now I am sure somewhere along the line I may offend someone.For the offense , I apologize. But this is MY blog. And i need to be open & honest.My disclaimer:I love and respect and value all of my friends (& most of my family). I welcome all advice and comments and oppinions and insight. But, please, be dignified and respectful with the comments. We are all , as they say, adults here. We are free, over 21 and have the right to pursue happiness. That being said,you can leave comments anytime by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.Its not hard. And please read back over some earlier posts . It may shine a little light on some of my rants.

Finally...onto the first list:

(some of you know these , and for others , it may come as a shock, suprise, or (i hope not) an insult:

1. Walmart people
2. Fat people(who just don't even care)
3.Women who blatantly ignore me because they feel some threat/insecurity
4. people who bitch about the president & war incessantly hair
6. sloppiness/laziness living in the house after age 18
9.door to door sales or religious intrusions, also phone sales calls
10. fake nails

There are probably more. We all have them . Mine are not P.C. . In some ways there's a part of me that knows if i give up some of these things, life can get better.Some of these may show up later in the things i need to give up & why post.

Alas, I am human.

I invite all humbling , insightful, or agree/disagree comments.

And i will expand on each of these later. For instance....I do not mean that if you shop at Walmart, you are a "walmartperson" . It is a special breed, believe me.

Until then...Peace & love

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