Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A.D.D. tonight

I really had all this great stuff to write about . But once again, the night at work has gone by and i am weary & blurry(hmmm..."bleary"). Mostly it's because tonight started out in an unexpected way. When i arrived at my clients home , the parent decided to hover around in the room for the first hour & a half. Previously they had not. It was because there was a very very minor small area of soreness that had not been there before on the child.Nothing to even call grandma about if ya know what i mean. Afterwards, i was disinclined to study like i should. But i did, even tho i got distracted by just about anything.

Todays' FunFactor: A great big CAT what everyone needs! I highly recommend it. There's something a little divine about a feline ......(purring in your ear).Also, let me say that i have noticed how color -oriented I am. When i discovered how to change my gps to night mode i was happy...but when i discovered it made the other modes black & white (2 months later) i was just as pleased.I always notice new hair colors. I am attuned to color changes in the trees and also in my foods. Wonder if this means anything. At any rate it makes for a lot of funfactors.

Distractions. We all have'em. It can be the big things like a loud seemingly endless lawn mower early morning on your day off. Or it can be a sidewards glance at a photo you particularly like or don't like while you're trying to do your work. For many people its surfing the net or texting or checking emails way too much.

But would'nt it be nice if we had more coooool distractions? Less stressful ones.Big, wonderful silly ones.Ones that made you actually look forward to them.Hey! Wait a minute! why not build them into your day on purpose. Ok, I know this isnt a new idea.But how 'bout doing it hourly?like maybe :

7:00--Eat 2 really large chocolate chip cookies for no good reason
8:00--listen to a song that takes you back a few years...or even to high school
9:00--chew a piece of bubble gum and practice blowing the largest one you can
10:00---how many words can i make out of " I love my life"?
11:00---find a few photos and come up with some really funny captions
etc, etc...

It might be a nice day after all ;)

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