Saturday, August 23, 2008

Not to want is to have

These words are true in so many ways. I never used to think i'd have enough...enough money, enough clothes, enough parties to go to....etc, etc.

When i was young, my whole life ahead of me, i would sometimes sit and imagine all of the "things "i would have someday. I would have a grand home, many house servants, a beautiful new car, an adoring & rich husband who would lavish me with gifts,clothing and treat me like a queen! As i grew older, i would add to these things, now including a really important and powerful career, travel, and maybe several new cars, a house on the beach and one in the mountains. even later when my aesthetic self kicked in i wanted an alpaca farm, to learn exotic new skills, and to be a philanthropist.

There have been times when the "more" i wanted meant more boyfriends & friends, more social life, or even more expensive jewelry.

The point is, it is never enough.

Look at certain celebrities for example. Some buy a new $7,000 purse every other day. Not too mention the yauchts , the extravagant vacations & over the top weddings.This observation has certainly been main before. Many, many times.

But all of the above is only stating the obvious.

Sometimes, it's easier to understand the BIG picture...than the small, quiet everyday things we can do without. I know there have been times (and will still be times) that i have said,"well, i don't get my nails done or have expensive jewelry,or go to europe for vacation, so i should be allowed to splurge on this or this or this."WE ALL DO THIS! i know tooooo many people besides myself who have rationalized this way.

But the bottom line is what do we need ?
And what can we do without? I am gulity of buying Oakley and Versace sunglasses at $180-200 a piece, Coach purses from $75-289 a piece, and Longaberger baskets up to $300 a piece. Thats just extravagance. It's just a status- symbol- seeking behavior.

I cant say i don't love the items i bought, but part of me acknowledges that i still want more and no matter how much more i get, there will always be more to want. So when does it end?For me, it will be a process of beginnings , and endings.And thats really the best part. I'll talk more about Everyday Adventures on another day.I am finding more & more that what i do without is actually giving me more than i ever expected!

So , let me end today with a FunFactor:Give up your regular foods for a predesignated time period. I once was told of a person (friend of my ex) who gave up all other foods and only ate orange creamsicle pops and drank beer for a month. WOW.He probably never wanted to at least eat the pops ever again.But that's extreme. I mean give up what you usually eat & try a new diet for at least a few days. it doesnt have to be low cal/low fat or whatever.An example would be if you normally eat southern foods or soul foods or something , try an asian diet, or mexican or indian, or just one based on seafood.Have fun with it! i ate vegetables & chicken & fruit all week.Tomorrow i get to pig out at an outdoor concert, eating a lot of great non -traditional faire. Namaste!

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