Friday, August 15, 2008

much ado about nothing

Starting with the Funfactor:I have yard bunnies (much better breed than the dust bunnies ). So on occasion I decided to see what kind of foods they will actually eat. I put out a few different entrees for their enjoyment and on another day I will experiment with the kind of containers they prefer. The fun part is not just bunnies but whatever else turns up to feast.....(p.s. they dont eat jelly beans, i tried it).

Moving right along...i passed my test with a big fat "A" today, so i will no longer torture amyone with that(until the next time).

Even more progress this week...i declined an invitation to write out a check for my newly -knighted "bill-paying" husband. And he did'nt even argue! That's a blast of less.

I rediscovered tonight that i truly enjoy cookie dough. And i have the extra 5 pounds to prove it. As a matter of fact, recently i have been enjoying food ALOT. I have literally been eating my way through the summer , what with all the cook-outs, picnics and fresh, fresh foods at the market. And to ice that cake, today is my anniversary. So on sunday my hubby and i are going out to dinner.I have to wonder aloud if there's anyway one can refrain from all the delicious foods on display at these events. But you know what? As part of my abundance , i have decided to stop beating myself up so badly over a few extra pounds. If i want to enjoy more, i get to worry less about some things.

This doesnt mean throwing caution to the wind , but after giving up a few other unhealthy habits, i can more clearly see that this obsession for me needs to stop. So, I hereby sentence my self to cease and desist getting on the scale everyday, starving as long as possible , and i shall increase my lust for life itself!!!

On another note of enjoyment, i need to mention my monthly "coffee dates" with a dear, dear friend . He & i get together every 4th saturday of the month, alternating whose house we meet at and spend about 2-3 hours just chatting and sharing introspection on any number of topics (religion, nursing, relationships, prejudices, recent concerns, problems, name it!).

We do this because 1.with both of our lives being so busy we dont want to lose touch,2. instead of meeting at a restaurant we save so much $ this way and 3. we each get to get away from daily responsibilities for a little down-time. I wish i could express how enriching and refreshing this has been to me.A shout out to my great friend. chink!(that was a toast by the way).
oh, and by the way the tent up there is the one i hope to be using next month....

Peace & be well!


secrets said...

Happy Anniversary!

not so secret said...

ok, since I'm allowed to comment on this blog, then I think I will rant. Every morning when I fire up my computer I check the weather forecast on I use that service because they roll out a 2 week forecast, so I like to know what is going on in my life in the future. However, the problem is, that during this time that this 2 week forecast runs it course, Accuweather changes the forecast at least 5 days if not more. For example, since the end of July, they have given an indication that temps are moderating meaning Fall is on its way. Now this AM, they are forecasting for 3 days of 90 degrees towards the end of this month. What a rip off and disappointment! But one comforting thought is that they'll will change that forecast shortly so we won't have the 90 degree days. What a comfort that will be! So forecasts are kinda circular. But the most accurate are on or So I think I'll stick to that