Saturday, August 9, 2008

moving right along

I do need to mention here that I am in the process of obtaining my Associates degree in nursing, meaning I will get to be an RN. I have been spending lots of time studying for a final coming up . It's one of those necessary stressors. I even ventured into the idea of going for my bachelor's AND master's degree...oh my!!! The website says it will cost approx. $28,000.00 and take about 5-7 years..WOW.
Ok, enough about that. Now I am going to add in one of my new elements. It's called the "FunFactor". I mentioned it in my last blog, but now i will actually do it!!! So, without further ado(did I spell that right?)...

Todays FunFactor: Eating my dum-dum lollipops in the car as i drive to work in the dark , trying to figure out what flavor it is solely by taste..I find this to be quite delightful! We dont fully focus on our sense of taste very often. We just stuff ourselves full of food that we barely take time to taste . This is a great way to get back in touch with a "forgotten sense." And , of course, it's also fun.

I bet you're wondering when I am actually going to get down to business with my wanting less plan. Alrighty then.I am pleased to anounce that we have rid ourselves of some physical junk by selling it at a yardsale. We made $72.00 and deposited it straight away into savings. So that's that.Next week I am going to revamp the office.

Now, I have to mention also that prior to starting my own blog I was already in the process of simplifying my life to get more out of it. In june I handed over the responsibility of bill paying to my husband.A tremendous relief. I also lost about 117 lbs. Her name was Robin...a very unhealthy freindship that sucked the life out of me for 5 years.And I started my yoga practice this year which has given my life a whole new dimension. It's all coming together....really.

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secrets said...

Thats a cute comment about losing the 117 lbs. named Robin. Keep those kinds of comments coming!