Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gloom and Doom

Well, it's been a real gem of a week for me......

After all the craziness of getting ready for this block party and

After all the expenses of it and

After arguing almost non -stop with the husband most of the week.....

I get rudely awaked today by my son who tells me he wrecked the car we gave him. Yes, the one we just got inspected three days ago. In fact, as it turns out, he TOTALLED the car. Lovely.

It has taken so much out of me today to finish up the last of the party preparations in the shadow of this horror, that i just want to cry out in utter self-pity..."WHYYYYYYY????"

But since i was, as of this point in time , able to vent a bit to some truly supportive friends, i feel much better. And i have started to wonder(or maybe it's just late night haze) if this event was a blessing in disguise.One of the friends i spoke with indulged me in a brief conversation about this possiblity. but now, i think i might know what the actual blessing may be.

I had recently been ruminating over my loss of family time, especially with my son. Always away at work or with friends. Now , he wont have as much access to running off as he used to. Hence , by force , he will be at home more.And actually, it will be another life lesson for him since now he will have to find rides to work, buy his own car, get it inspected, etc. Also he is learning about the do's & don'ts of having an accident(ex. get the other guys license plate #...yeah, the other guy drove off!). So i will add this up to a positive.

I thought after all this, i'd have no FunFactor but i do! : #1.Skittles. Need i say more? ok, i will...thousands of great flavor combinations bursting forth in your mouth...mmmmm, and # 2. I ran into a great blog about the benefits of water again tonight. I had been pretty bored with the stuff as of late but, truly...what's not to love if you are trying to simplify your life? It's free, easy to obtain , has loads of benefits, can be flavored or not, used for tea...i mean , WOW!.....Lovin' it.
btw...put the utensil down between bites and have a sip...fills you up faster!really!

Buenos noche!

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