Friday, August 22, 2008

Ghetto Pizza

I just read the funniest description of a wonderful treat that IS today's FunFactor:put a peice of bread in the toaster oven until it just starts to toast, add a squirt of ketchup and a slice of cheese, toast until the cheese bubbles...terribly LOL. I used to do this all the time when i was down & out on the groceries.It's not bad.....really!


I truly do get sucked into awesome websites. There are also times when i get violently led around by the nose trying desperately to find something. I know i'm not the only one. There should be a real job out there where you submit a request via e-mail to the employee and they deliver the exact link to the page/ info you want. Even if it's "cat-juggling schedules in mexico".(which i am , of course , completely opposed to.

Remember last night i was pretty frustrated about my teens car issue? well, my prayers were answered tonight . my husband called me at work to say he found an $800 mistake(to the positive) in our checkbook, which , ironically is what he decided to spend fixing the car problems. If it is true, the $ is already spent, but the problem is gone. Too bad the mistake was mine this time, my pride took yet another hit.But i can live with that.

This week alone i have gone to 2 cases i havent been at for about a year. It has been a removal from my recent comfort zone & totally turned out different than i expected.I thought to myself
"Oh man, i won't remember anything about the case...I'll have to go through the whole chart,try to figure out what somebody wrote ,find all the equipment, meds,etc......and the parents will probably think i did'nt want to come back since i havent been there in awhile......" all this self-dialogue was really quite depressing. But most of it turned out fine. I still had to do all the reviewing & finding stuff, but overall it was nice to visit again.

Sometimes expectations are another form of psychological "junk".I recommend losing them.Drop them off along side the road.

Something else of value tonight...a line from a movie "the things you own, end up owning you"...from "Fight Club". what a great observation and it makes buy a house-the mortgage owns you. You buy a car---the payments own you. But even worse is credit card debt. When that owns you, and you keep letting it is really a prison sentence. My husband was going to put the car thing on it...out of desperation. Now , i have to convince him to use the cash.

Knowing him, i bet he is already planning on how to spend it. His thought process is "woohoo! free "found" money! I'll buy a...." Man....Drives me nuts.I wish he would see that we seriously need to change the mind-set.

I guess in lieu of a suddenly enlightened husband, i'll just have to make as many changes as i can on my own. Still thinking about going carless someday.......Peace.

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