Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For certain

The Pic: me in vermont ! it was an awesome adventure!

After last nights negativity, i thought i would try an upbeat post.I have been evaluating & re-evaluating things in my life and creating this blog is a genuine effort to work through issues and increase the joy in my life. So, as i work out these things , posts will be varied between ranting and enlightenment!......

I had a wonderful Yoga sesssion tonight. Moving through Sun salutations i usually first become more aware of my limitations(both physical and mentally) . Tonight i realized that many times i set out to the gym with certain expectations. I expect to arrive at a certain time, do a certain workout and hope to see some people i know .I usually do 3 nites a week and an additional 2 yoga classes (This is an improvement over my old , more grueling schedule of 4-5 nights a week, so i've simplified and given up that unnecessary stress and save gas as well!)

Anyway, i believe that my limitations in this area have been :

1.that i feel as though i need to dress a certain way when i workout.

2. i sometimes expect to see certain people and am disappointed if they arent there, and

3. when i am in the class, i get frustrated when i cant do the balance poses and sit in a decent lotus pose.

There are times when i allow these things to block my more rational mind to the point where it can affect my workout.This is mental junk.Most nights, i talk things out with a long time, close , and faithful friend on my cell on my way to work.I need these conversations so much to put some perspective back into my day.A lot of times i get the "crud" out of my system that would otherwise disgrace this page.....so a large and magnified THANK YOU to my friend. you are a life saver:)

But alas, i am still discovering the real me and i am left with these issues to resolve . Any insight would be appreciated.

Todays' FunFactor:Another idea for my dum dum lollipops...i have been using them for stirrers in my hot beverages.This makes for some interesting lollipop and beverage flavors.I dont have a favorite yet, but it might be cotton candy in caramel nut coffee.....lol! sounds weird, tastes NEAT!

Also, have you ever tried this? Going somewhere familiar and doing something really strange on purpose just to see how people react? This works well in public places. As long as it's not tooooo radical. try it. fun for the whole family!(p.s.-wearing a halloween mask while driving in your car works pretty well).

Be well!

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