Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fat tuesday & the art of practicing patience


Never my strong suit. tonight is an exercise in the very same . My client has been awake for 3 hours so far, vocalizing , when i have made every effort to comfort them. Desperately seeking relief before i went crazy, i tried to call a freind. No luck. Then went online to research how to be more patient.

If you've ever tried this, it is a complete oxymoron. as you hopelessly seek for some shred of help, your search becomes the "practice"

And praying for that magical virtue has'nt been rewarding so far.

What ,then, to do?
Guess i get to blog about it.

This weekend my husband and i are hosting a nieghboorhood block party. I may have mentioned this. I cant wait to see how much yummy food we will have leftover!a much better thing to focus on. although i should still be a little conscious of my waistline!!!

Which brings me to......

the Pet Peeve i have about Fat people(who just don't appear to even care). As a disclaimer, let me say that this doesnt apply to those who are slightly chubby...maybe need to lose 10-25 lbs . It is for those who are way over their BMI . It also DOES'NT apply to those who actually TRY to do something about it.....like real exercise, real diet &real lifestyle changes.If you need some ideas and don't want to comeback with a bunch of excuses, email me. I can help!

Those who proclaim to others that they try, then sneak in a five or six donuts on the sly, or go to the gym claiming they work out but merely slip into the whirpool are NOT among those who try.A whirlpool is not exercise, people.

There are numerous reasons these people annoy me. The # one is the fact that thin people generally do not inconvenience others. That cannot be said of most of the overweight population. Just this past weekend i was in a walmart(i know, it figures) and i stood behind 3 overweight women in an isle of makeup while they chatted, blocking my access to an item i needed. Mind you, this is a very large , wide isle. I said "excuse me, could i get to that item there?" & they looked at me like it was a great burden & inched(slowly) down barely past the items reachability.This happens often. And it's USUALLY an overweight person.but i digress....

Real examples of inconveniences are as follows:
1.that motorized shopping thing they ride around in that blocks most everybody from getting through at the grocery store, all the while beeping , beeping, beeeeeeping.
2.try being behind one of them on any set of stairs. waiting patiently is hard enough, but then add in the excess sweating(especially if i get spritzed) and hoarse huffing & puffing noises. yuck.
3. many overweight persons will try to blame their weight on medical issues.Most of the time this means diabetes(usually a consequence of lifestyle choices)back pain(hello? i've had serious back pain for over a decade- guess i should claim disablity for my dysfunctional desire to stay fit) or thyroid issues(uh, yeah...there's a pill for that ...and also lifestyle changes).9 out of 10 times it's just plain laziness or an unwillingness to change their lifestyle.
4.having the a/c on all the time at full blast. Cripes! I'm freezing! and i gotta sit there and take it , wearing a parka in the summer because they can't lose weight???
5. most of all i HATE that i have to pay tax dollars to cover those on disability or to cover the insurance costs of those with complications arising from their weight issues. give me strength. only in America.think hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, chronic joint problems, gastric bypasses.....

ok.i'll be done now. but i could go on.
lose weight. stay fit. show you care about yourself. Namaste.


Anonymous said...

So so sorry, I didn't see that you called until 15 minutes after our shifts ended. Anyway I'm killing time cause I can't go to bed for a few more minutes..............so I'm gonna comment on Item #5 in today's blog entry. Ok, while I do agree to some extent, and yes it burns me that my taxes go to pay for health costs that are caused by totally preventable lifestyle choices, but this does not include all obese people, nor is it limited to obese people.

There are actually some disorders out there that cause obesity even with restricted calorie intake (and no I can't think of the name of any at this moment, my brain's fried from cardio). Not to mention, many people make mistakes, such as the overweight person, who never cared (you know the theory, "It won't happen to me"), and they won't truely attempt lifestyle changes until they reach that critical health scare. Also there are so many others factors to think about that you can't tell just by looking at person. You never know what events have happened in a person's life that may have caused such poor dietary practices. Lack of income and knowledge to make appropriate choices. Parents who never taught you any better. Chronic disabling depression or other psychiatric disorders. Psychiatric meds can cause weight gain and/or make true attempts at weight loss impossible. Thyroid disorders, and I know their are meds and surgery, but surgery is only for hyperthyroidism (which causes weight loss), it is a last resort, and Synthroid is not always very effective. Not trying to make excuses, but you can't tell if a person "just doesn't care" by looking at them.

Now, back to the point that I do agree on..........It is very irritating when you see someone who is under care for health conditions that are preventable, and are making no effort to change the behavior that caused the problem and that behavior just continues to exacerbate the problem. Just makes you wanna bang your head against the wall.

On a side note, how do you limit it to obesity? How about the smoker who is suffering from emphysema, is now on Oxygen, and continues to smoke 2 packs of cigarrettes a day. And eventually ends up with a leg amputation and continues to smoke. Then the second leg gets amputated....and continues to smoke. Oh wait, if said person is a B/L leg amputee and confined to the home on O2 therapy, How do they get the cigs you ask? Hmmm, the family couldn't possible be enablers. Or how about the guy with high cholesterol who has suffered 2 heart attacks, but continues to wolf down big macs on a regular basis. Or the astmatic or enters the hospital with a severe asthma attack and walks out smoking a cigarette (my mom), or the motorcycle rider who declined wearing a helmet who is now on life support, all at the cost of taxpayers.........I could go on and on.

Ok, sorry for rambling, I think I just lost the whole point of where I was going with this. I should not be allowed to type away when I'm sleep deprived. On, that note,

Good night,

nirvana diva said...

Thanks so much for your insight . you have a lot of very valid points. I was in error about the surgery for thyroid & probably that's why my brain made me hesitate several times before i added it in. duh!

it is interesting that all the points you made from"now back to the point on..." apply to obesity as well. But you are absolutely correct in that you can't tell about anyone from just looking at them.(alcoholics/drunk drivers, drug addicts,etc.) I wrote a disclaimer and will add to it now. Everyone has a story about where they are in life & why they do what they do ,or did what they did ,etc. we all need to take the time to educate ourselves & others concerning the things that can help us help ourselves & others. To help others is an obligation we all share with humanity."If you're not part of the solution , you're part of the problem". That's my all time favorite quote. i say it to myself like a mantra!

at any rate, this blog was just one of my pet peeves listed on a previous blog.everyone has their own (and yes , smokers bother me also). while there are exceptions I do believe that the majority of
people can CHOOSE to change.For the ones that truly cannot help their condition,they have my deepest sympathies and my regrets for any offense.-nirvana diva

Anonymous said...

"To help others is an obligation we all share with humanity."If you're not part of the solution , you're part of the problem"."

Nicely said. But unfortunately, this is my biggest frustration. You can't help someone who doesn't want to help themselves. I've learned this the hard way so many times. And sorry for all the typos and sentences that didn't make sense in my previous post. I was tired and didn't proofread.

Now here's my petpeeve........I hate hate hate that it really feels like I can't go anywhere and not be exposed to smoke. The bowling alley, restaurants, rutters, bars, etc.

I hate how I have sinus problems for a week afterward, I hate how I reek of smoke when I don't even smoke. I hate how I will be seated in the nonsmoking section and either be less than 10 feet from a smoker, or have to walk right past them and thru the cloud of smoke to get to the restroom. I hate how smokers think "Its my right, if you don't like it you can go elsewhere". Well guess what, Its my right to clean air and not to be exposed to carcinogens, tar, carbon monoxide, and arsenic (among the many other ingredients in cigs) when in a public place, just for others selfish reasons when all they have to do is step outside!!! And if they don't like it, they can leave!! I can't wait until that nonsmoking law takes effect!