Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Behaving Badly

Hello again and this time i will start on the positive with a FunFactor!:Finding uses for the (previously) unusable. My brother has a wonderful use for dryer lint. He saves it for a few weeks before the annual canoe trip (also known as the Booze Cruise) and then vaccum seals it to take along as a firestarter. Might make one take seriously the recommendation to clean your vents often. the stuff goes up like crazy !My newest discovery is saving the lids from old aspirin bottles for the occasional emergency infant baptism.Provides just the right amount!----Just kiddin'!
movin forward...

I'd like to thank my colleague for her comments on yesterdays post .There were some very valid points made and if you have'nt checked out the comments section,please do! and feel free to add your own view.I think in future i will ,however , warn everyone at the beginning of the post that it may contain controversial and potentially offensive material. Then, well, proceed at your own risk!that being said...I love having different views presented and the opportunity to respond.In fact, i live for it!

And because of all that i am admitting to my human failure of not always presenting things with a degree of professionalism or even courtesy. For this i apologize. (slapping my wrists).It is my sarcastic and outspoken nature. i am a proverbial "Big Mouth" and am (slowly) learning the ropes of holding back. although you may not be able to!

Right now i'm on about my 6th lollipop. have you ever done this a few days in a row with any hard candy? the inside of your mouth actually gets raw .

it gets so bad for me sometimes i have to gargle with salt water for a day or so for my mouth to recover. alas, i am an addict! And by the way , my case tonight is going much i am not as on edge as last night. i actually got some study time in.Getting closer to my goal.

So let ,me get to the meat of things.

Tonight i am on an ethics my studies i came across some stuff about stem cell research , therapeutic cloning,organ transplantation, and euthanasia.Really peaked my interest with the thought provoking questions. i guess i will be doing some independent reasearch on these subjects. but the one question i had heard before, but forgotten about was this:should a chronic alcohol user receive a liver transplant? oh, and also: should a person who's received a successful transplant receive another?

To the first let me state my position so far (with limited knowledge). In light of the fact that we all make mistakes in life for whatever reasons i am in favor of the drunk getting the liver. However, they should have to stand in line behind certain other more dire cases. i havent decided what those are.and for the second question i respond that it depends on the type of transplant and the recipient.For instance..i will whole heartedly state that a child who's gotten a bone marrow transplant has a right to as many as they can get and need.But i hesitate to advocate a smoker who 's gotten a lung and ruined it again getting another one. But i might change my mind if they then send all the smokers to an isolated island with no chance of returning in exchange for said lung.Yes, i say this even as an ex smoker. we all make mistakes, but they can be made right with effort, usually. caio!

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