Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And now for the Beginning....

First of all a bit about myself. I am a nurse. I am married and have 2 wonderful children ages 17 & 23. I love to read, lift weights and do Yoga. Now , if this sounds pretty boring to you, I understand.I even have 2 cats and a dog. But at least I do not have 10 cats, live on T.V. dinners and eat beans out of a can.And there's other stuff I enjoy. But that's sort of the point of this blog.
Like many Americans, I am a "serial consumer". A few years back I started working more & more so I could buy more & more so I had to work more & more and so on and so on .Soon , all the stuff I used to enjoy got pushed to the back burner, since I had no time or energy left to do them. Then, a few months ago a tiny rip in what I called a life began to grow into a larger and larger tear, one too hard to ignore and one I choose not to patch up this time by working more overtime.
It's hard not to say that gas prices were a motivating factor.Most of us can relate. In fact most of my friends, family, co-workers and clients families have had to make some adjustments in their lives to accomodate for the climbing costs at the pump. I personally decided to give up some expensive luxuries like skin care /hair care products,candles and magazines. I also only fill my bath 1/2 full and (cringe) have even started washing more dishes by hand.I've been cutting more coupons, combining more errands, and fine tuning our menu so I can make less expensive meals.
Still, in May we bought another new car. We also added my son to our car insurance. In June we took a 2 week vacation that set us back more than we thought it would. And we are taking another one week vacation in November. Can you say "penny wise and pound foolish"?
I have started to realize that there's no longer any fun in our lives, no family time and more arguements.We are working ourselves into the grave and for what?Yes, there are things we "want" and things we need. My intention here is not to eek by on a pittance and proove to the world how frugal I can be. What I finally understand is that I really want less. I want less bills, less responsibilities, less grief, less competing for the best landscaping......and I want enjoy more.

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secrets said...

I think there is a song that describes this problem. Its called "The Things We Do For Love"