Wednesday, August 20, 2008

all the unhealthy stuff

today i will explore what i have given up ,why, and any benefits i've gotten from it. i will also tell you honestly if the solution worked for me or not.

this may get weird.

that being said, here we go:
1. bottled water. since i have a filter on the water that comes from my fridge door this actually had 3 benefits- less plastic bottles sitting around , better for the planet(we recycle, but found out only a small % actually gets recycled) & it saves us about $22.00/month.
2. straps....... ok, so i havent been able to get rid of them all. but i'm working on it. straps are evil.
3. bill-paying(delegated to the hubby)-awesome. i feel so free.
4.unhealthy friendships- a great relief from a terrible and addictive cycle of trying to help the unhelpable.
5. in jan. of last year i gave up a certain item of clothing that we all had been seeing sticking out the back of tight , low rise jeans.i did this in response to not being able to find jeans that were cut high enough that they didnt show when i sat down. the benefits have been less drawer used in my dresser, not having to match them to their "counter part", and not having to feel obscene when i sit on a bleacher at a softball game.if you havent figured out the item, try on a pair of these jeans, sit down on a bleacher & ask someone to tell you what they see above your waisteline in the back.very unclassy!(sorry if this was too much info.- just being honest and it DID make my life better).
and finally another thing that didnt work out so well, trying to give up my Mary Kay skin care stuff. The drug store items are just so inferior in Quality!

So, what am i giving up on this quest? what do i want less of?

1. less bills
2. less responsiblilities
3. less stress
4. less materialism
5.less insecurities
6. less work
7. less complications
8.less arguements

and what do i want more of?

1. more family/friends time
2.more me time
3. more spirituality
4.more enjoyment
5. more yoga
6.more travel
7.more culture
8. more simplicity ( but not poverty of spirit)
9.more quiet (Inside &out)
10.more experiences

Got lots of ideas.One small step at at time. I've shared in my posts as i go .But enough of the lists.I'll have a Bucket List one of these times. That's just such a deep endeavor.

Today's FUNFACTOR:boiling eggs & putting them back in the carton. hugely funny when the next person tries to crack them open.But for tonight, my fun will consist of online Youtube videos, especially funny cats & babies.sometime soon i am going to figure out how to add links to great stuff . stay tuned.

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secrets said...

It just ocurred to me that you are probably in a preparation mode for the end point of being a hippie all by yourself in you always envisioned.